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Ask for Paden!

Thinking of selling or leasing your minerals?

You better call me first! I've made people millions of dollars after negotiating on their behalf.  That's MILLIONS in additional cash! I have personal relationships with the companies that are paying the most and know how to unlock over-the-top value for you. My services will pay for themselves many times over.


Let the numbers speak for themselves. 

"Thankfully I got a hold of Paden before I sold or I would have left a TON of money on the table. I still can't believe it! He sure knows who the big-time buyers are." Tim from California


"Powerhouse Petro got us an additional $1,242,000 for our lease bonus thanks to his negotiating!" P. Becken from Minnesota


"We had been contacted about selling our minerals that we had no idea we owned. In no time at all, Paden figured out that we inherited the property from a relative by researching the County Records. He also got us a way better deal than what the company had initially offered. Contacting him paid big dividends for our family. Best decision ever!" Family Heirs of H.T. Fikes

"I had a ton of questions. Paden spent over an hour with me on the phone, answered all my questions, and didn't charge me anything. This guy rocks! Thanks, Paden." Bill from Sunny Arizona.

"Paden found out that an oil company had almost $140,000 being held in a suspense account for me. I had a check within a month." Susan from Texas

Many people die at twenty five and aren't buried until they are seventy five -- Benjamin Franklin

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